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Episode 40 - You’re Still Mad But Now You’re In Space

February 10th, 2020

We're dipping into some classic sci-fi and discussing Samuel R. Delany's The Star Pit.

Cortex 1 - Nine Billion Miles

January 27th, 2020

The Cortex is a supplement to our usual discussion-based content. In the Cortex, we flip things around and instead of discussing other people's fiction we serve up some original fiction of our own. Our first story was written by Nate and it's about space, life, and the passage of time.

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Episode 39 - Comical Books of a Graphical Nature

January 20th, 2020

In this episode, we cover two comics by the Norwegian cartoonist Jason namely his literary heist story The Left Bank Gang and his sci-fi action, love story I Killed Adolf Hitler.

Episode 38 - Can I Blast This Whole Thing Apart

January 6th, 2020

This is an episode description. It's where the podcasters might elaborate on the premise of the episode and provide you with further information that you wouldn't be able to glean from the title alone. It might also contain some jokes. This description will give you some info but it will contain no jokes. This description is going to tell you that this episode is all about metafiction. It's also about "Lost in the Funhouse" by John Barth and "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" by David Foster Wallace.

Episode 37 - When He Gotta Punch He Do A Punch

December 16th, 2019

It's still December, we're still firmly ensconced in our sweaters and now we're talking about Grant Morrison and Dan Mora's Klaus.

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Episode 36 - I Don’t Even Have A Nutcracker

December 2nd, 2019

It's December. We've already put on our sweaters and chugged frankly criminal amounts of eggnog. Now it's time to talk about The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum.

Episode 35 - A Whole Boat Full of Space Idiots

November 18th, 2019

It's the second half of Neilvember and we're talking about The Sandman: Overture.

Episode 34 - Is This About Grape Jelly?

November 4th, 2019

Stay out of the Splash Zone because we got a real Wet Book on our hands! We're talking about Neil Gaiman's 2013 novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane. We also touch on the His Dark Materials trilogy and Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

Episode 33 - There’s Such A Thing As A Zeta Beam

October 21st, 2019

We've reached the end of The Saga of the Swamp Thing. Join as as we follow our big, green friend through the last leg of his journey home.

Episode 32 - Pumpkin Spice Laundry Soap

October 7th, 2019

We're kicking off the official month of pumpkins, candy corn, and murderous monsters by talking about Norman Partridge's Dark Harvest.